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Recipe : Pork Kaldereta

I came from a family of good cooks. Not the professional-chef-like material but rather the good everyday food type. My grandma is the best cook I have known and though it takes my mom a little practice for her cooking to reach perfection, she certainly can make up a good meal. Likewise, all of my aunts and uncles are good cooks in their own ways. Ask around our little bario in batangas and they’ll confirm what I said.

I won’t claim that I inherited their secret powers in the kitchen. I didn’t. But I know how to cook everyday meal if the need arise. I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I had been doing some cooking here in Singapore. I don’t know anything fancy just the good old sinigang, pork steak, adobo, prito and torta. And I get by with these menu quiet well. Realizing that I am always stuck one lazy Saturday after another at home with nothing else better to do, I decided to try and learn more dishes. I asked my Ate Lala for two recipes when I went home for the Christmas holidays: kaldereta and menudo. And for this week, I cooked kaldereta. The end result is not that good yet (it’s too salty) but I think for a first try, it deserves a passing mark. Though that doesn’t really count because I cooked it and now I’m reviewing how it tasted. Hehehe… Nonetheless, I decided to post the recipe from my tita here. Maybe, somewhere in the corner of cyberspace, someone would find his / her way through this blog and try to cook caldereta this way. 😉


Pork Kaldereta

Pork Ribs
Tomato sauce
Peanut Butter

1. Timplahan ang karne ng toyo at konting suka, ihalo ang pickles., Vetsin,  paminta. Haluin at ibabad. ir-iran ng keso at hayaang nakababad ng ilang minuto.

2. maggisa ng bawang at sibuyas sa kawali na may margarin o butter.

3. Ilagay ang ulam na tinimplahan. Haluin at isangkutsa.

4. Lagyan ng tubig, katamtaman ang dami.

5. Lagyan ng tomato sauce at konting catsup. Pakuluan hanggang sa maluto. Tikman.

6. Pag ok na ang lasa, ilagay ang peanut butter at reno.

7. Haluin ng ayos at pag luto na ahunin.

Optional – Lagyan ng siling pula para medyo maanghang.

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  1. jAz
    July 21, 2009 at 11:22 pm

    pwede ba mam na calamansi na lng, instead of suka? =)

  2. Lala
    March 25, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    May I make several suggestions to your Caldereta recipe? The best Caldereta on the planet is from Batangas. It has several differences from that from in other regions. Batangas caldereta doesn’t add vegetables like potatoes, carrots or bell peppers etc. It simply makes use of a rich sauce and beef or pork or goat and even chicken.

    One of the things I found wrong in your recipe was the use of pickles, pineapple juice, and peanut better for starters. maybe that’s why it didn’t turn out that well.

    So I copied your recipe down and made some adjustments to it.

    I hope you don’t mind. It’s all for the sake of the science of food and those who love to eat!

    suka, toyo, worchestershire sauce, butter, liver pate instead of reno, tomato sauce, bawang, sibuyas, aschuete, lemon or kalamansi, beef brisket for more meat and some beef ribs for more flavor.

    In the old days, instead of using liver pate they actually pounded the liver.

    1. I-marinate the beef in toyo, worchestershire sauce, lemon or kalamansi, and some vinegar overnight

    2. Saute the garlic, and onions in butter or use vegetable oil for a healthier alternative. Add the beef and saute it in this solution.

    3. Add some worchestershire sauce, soy sauce, salt & peper to taste. Add a small amount of tomato paste or sauce and a little water and 2 cans of liver pate.

    Pakuluin at palambutin ang karne. make sure that the meat will be very tender. if you want more sauce, add more onions.

    Cook the meat in a slow fire so that it will be tender and the seasonings will really flavor the meat.

    Habang lumalambot , tikman and adjust the seasonings accordingly..

    5. Lagyan ng konting sili or use cayenne pepper instead.
    6. Ahunin pag luto na.

    hey, I hope my adjustments help you out. let me know how it turns out.

    Bon Appetit!

  3. Karen
    November 18, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    Grays ikaw pala yan 🙂 i stumbled upon your blog looking for a batangas caldereta recipe. How you spelled your name looked so familiar (ikaw lang ang grays na kilala ko na ganyan ang spelling). I checked your profile and the latest blog entry. When i saw Jared’s name, ikaw na nga haha. Congrats again! Hope you’re having fun as a mom and fb message ka lang if may questions ka about kids/babies/mommyhood in general. -lemon

    • November 19, 2014 at 9:53 am

      Hi Lemon, Oo ako nga. Hehehe. Sana okay ang pork kaldereta recipe ng tita ko. 🙂
      Salamat…. madami pa akong kelangang matutunan about babies. One step at a time…

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